Millennials and Gen Xers Aren’t As Different As You Think!

Last time we left you in suspense as Tara and I were visiting the home of a millennial family.  Through our work during the past year, we have learned that Millennials and Generation Xers aren’t as different as you might think!

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How to Better Understand Your Customers: The Power of Ethnography

On a damp November morning, we pull up to a townhouse in Silver Spring, Maryland, double-checking the address to make sure we have the right house. We huddle on the small porch amidst the damp leaves until our research participant, Chris, opens the door.

Before Chris can say hello, a giant black Labrador rushes to greet us. Chris walks us through the living room, dotted with toddler toys, to the dining room table where we take a seat and set up our equipment. The interview hasn’t even started, yet we have already learned a lot about Chris and his family.

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