Topics We Spoke On In 2018

Woman speaking in meeting

Topics We Spoke On In 2018

The Human Factor

At a recent Board presentation for a regional bank, we explored the importance of qualitative insights in the rapidly-growing world of numbers. Numbers are important, but we must never lose sight of the human factor!

Impostor Syndrome

  In a presentation on the impostor syndrome for the San Antonio Million Dollar RoundTable (NAWBO Chapter of San Antonio), we explored why smart and talented women (and men) feel that they are a fraud.  Can’t take a compliment? Convinced you’ll be unmasked at any moment? If you’ve ever had any of those thoughts then you are in good company! There are a lot of us. If you want to learn more, please contact us. (link to the contact us page)


Own your story

We have presented Storytelling for Women at several local and state venues. We have an upcoming talk at the November meeting of San Antonio NAWBO Chapter where we will show you how to craft and deliver the right story for the right moment.

If you want to know more about having us come to speak to your company, please contact us!