Who We Are

Our Core Beliefs

We started RedSquared in 2014 with a simple mission: To inspire businesses to become more human through customer understanding and empathy and to empower women to drive change in the business/consulting world.

Think Differently

Solving challenging business problems requires new ways of thinking.  We leverage a broad range of unique methodologies to solve business problems.

Heart vs Logic

Customer-centric transformation starts with changing mindsets inside the organization and changing the way an organization thinks about its customer interactions.

Less Talk, More Action

A strategy isn’t useful if it gets tucked away in a file cabinet. We have successfully implemented customer experience strategies to deliver business results and we can do the same for you. Churchill said it best: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Humans Come First

Your customers are human beings, not data points, and they deserve a seat at the table. Change works best when it happens WITH people, not TO people. We partner with your team to design the future.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Jenia Espe, MBA

Founder & Chief Design Thinker

My interest in bringing empathy and customer perspective into the business world came early in my life when I was growing up in Moscow. Russians like my grandfather built spaceships and other great things, but the art and science of simple product/service design was virtually non-existent (except for the spaceships; those are pretty amazing.) My early interactions with a customer-unfriendly system fuels my passion to create extraordinary experiences for others.


I have over 15 years of practice in the financial services industry, where I served as a market strategist and customer experience expert. I am also a Certified Professional Coach specializing in change and transition management. Although I am still unable to build any kind of a spaceship (that gene did not get passed down to me from my Russian grandfather), I can help you grow your business through innovative and unique customer experiences.

Tara Schwegler, PhD

Co-Founder and Master of Big Ideas

I am a cultural anthropologist with a passion for understanding patterns in human behavior. I seek to discover why people do what they do, especially since they don’t always do what they say!


At RedSquared Consulting, I have the opportunity to apply my ethnographic expertise to help our clients understand their customers’ needs, behaviors, and motivations. Prior to RedSquared, I was an experience design strategist at a Fortune 200 company and an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago, where I also earned my PhD in anthropology. I love to write, to teach, and to inspire, and I have published widely in peer-reviewed journals and books. When I am not championing the needs of customers, you’ll probably find me either researching or getting ready for my next great trip.

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